I’m Addicted to Words with Friends…but…

Words with Friends has been an amazing addition to my lifestyle lately. No, it’s not pathetic. It’s the perfect way to fill the gaps in between pauses in listening to my work. Well, that’s how I intended it.

I got very addicted. Playing many games at a time, often having to wait a while for anyone else to play a turn (and thus wasting even more time). But my addiction could be worse, ala Alec Baldwin getting kicked off a plan while refusing to stop playing it (one of my favorite lines from the article is about how W.W.F. is more popular because it is not Scrabble, and so “this gives it a much broader audience beyond word nerds — or rather, it turns players into word nerds so gradually, they barely realize it’s happening.”).

On the flipside, however, there is a benefit. And yes, I did have to recently resort to my first game with strangers (as I’d been waiting for several hours and knew everyone was asleep). BUT! Words with Friends Helped Save a Man’s Life! And it could maybe help me too if I was choking on food, I could still type for help!

My advice? Don’t start playing, unless you’re ready to get real addicted.

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