Uh-Oh…I knew it seemed like there was a lot of deaths surrounding each other sometimes!

Is a Broken Heart a Real Thing? Yes. I thought so.

Well, for one thing, I’d recently heard of the term Takotsubo’s Cardiomyopathy a.k.a. “Broken-heart syndrome” and seen the article describing the stress-induced cardiomyopathy occurrence. Cardiomyopathy is heart muscle disease, if you didn’t know.

But today, there is a New York Times article (which, therefore, is a lot easier and slightly entertaining to read (= read fit-for-the-average-American), entitled Really? The Claim: Grief Can Cause a Heart Attack

The article confirms what I had seen before, and with simpler explanation.

Especially the day after a loved one dies (especially say, a spouse), heart attacks are just waiting around the corner. Well, perhaps the people in the study were more likely to have a heart attack than a very healthy human. But yes, death of a loved one, especially your so-called soulmate, could induce enough stress to cause a heart attack!

“The study, published on Monday in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, found that a person’s heart attack risk is 21 times higher than normal the day after a loved one dies.”

Recently, with all the deaths, I’ve heard a few people say their heart is actually hurting. That scares me. This article mentions that even weeks or months after the death, there is still an increased risk.

And, I myself must admit, I have been having some palpitations. I am not at all at risk. I am a young and healthy young-adult. But, as a doctor points out at the end of this short article: “…Bereavement could provoke depression, anger and anxiety, all of which can elevate the heart rate and blood pressure and increase blood clotting”.

I know I am just finally getting over a sickness related to odd sleeping patterns. What can you do? I think if there’s one thing you get out of this, hopefully if you read this (and I hope it doesn’t happen any time soon, if ever), and you lose someone near and dear to you (or you’re paying attention to what happens to family members), just pay attention. You really could have a heart attack and die of it just after the death of your beloved family member. But do not fear, it’s probably not that likely to happen. Though the after-affects of losing someone are devastating. And, I still don’t feel in the clear personally as far as being concerned about some of my family members.

And nothing is worse then losing two family members in a close amount of time. I’ve not only read about it, I’m living it. This post is going nowhere anymore, but, keep the words in mind. Broken hearts are real things. And, there is a good physical basis behind it.

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