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Everything’s cuter if you say it twice. Is it though? Well, we’re all just humans.

I want you to think about that. Think about yourself- how great you are, how weird you are, how terrible a person you can (or occasionally perceive yourself) to be (in a still decent way hopefully), how insecure you are, how wonderful and vibrant you are and/or can be?!

We’re all humans. And we all view the world so differently. And most of us just desperately want to be loved, esteemed, reassured, and mostly snoogled. Everyone loves a good snoog.

Go out there and hug your fellow people, or, if that sounds outlandish, at least make the effort to actually give a stranger a compliment you thought in your head. Or do a random act of kindness. Do it! It’s awesome.

CHARITY – it’s where it’s at.

And if you don’t really get what I’m talking about, I am talking about you, UBUNTU.

For further information, appreciate.

Because I bet most of you, like myself, need to be nicer to yourself and easier on yourself. Most, I say.

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