Will a Post a Day make my Cold go AWAY?!

I knew I was bound to get sick sooner or later, what with the stress and the ridiculous schedule I was keeping! In fact, it had been a LONG time since I’d been sick. I do highly believe in the power of positive thinking (more than just that, but yes I strongly believe research and stories about how your thoughts deeply influence your health). And part of me almost was allowing myself to get sick, so I’d have an excuse to not go out, which, of course, is the opposite of what I end up wanting to do- I want to go out. I want to hang out!

Now that it’s definitely here and at a stage where I’m trying to shift it towards the upshift (aka GO AWAY phase), it is harder than I thought. Wait, didn’t I just say something about thinking?!

Well, I’m having trouble thinking. I reflected that I do indeed need to slow down, chill out, and appropriate my time better. So I’ll do that. I also almost missed today’s blog, and then had a vision of me sometime soon remembering I have to write a blog and just writing “This is my blog for the day” or rambling on endlessly like I sort of am right now.

While it’s far too early in the year to abandon my goal, I am open to the option of shifting it around so I add a minimum of 365 blog entries to my blog this year. And if they are higher-quality, all the better. So maybe one day I could knock out 12 blogs (it is not unfeasible, as I have some flexibility in my schedule right now).

I have oodles of things to talk about. For now, remember to find positive mantras to repeat in your head.


Or something like that 🙂

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