Day 4, almost forgot

but i didn’t. started the post before 12, that’s all that matters right?! it’s only me who’s caring at this point, anyway.

so the meteor shower went alright. interestingly enough, as soon as i decided to bundle up and go outside (after stepping out and back in because it was WAY too cold), i immediately saw one big shooting star, followed quickly enough by another that i hadn’t even settled in to my blankets and stuff.

and then after that, it took a while. so i like to think it was a sign from my two beloved ones who recently passed on. i don’t know. i mean, it’s sort of a stretch, but, it’s also not. i was surprised by how few (in comparison and in frequency) i saw over the next hour (as compared to that first 20 seconds)…maybe i should have called it a day after that. ha.

i am fighting off a cold, which, i have done a good job of until recently. i didn’t get sick last year, which is surprising given the huge amount of stress(ors) i went through. i do think a lot of sickness has to do with preventable stuff, and some of it is indeed your thinking. more on that as this year progresses. the power of thought as a catalyst for change!

and then, the most exciting part of today, was my reading i got over the phone with an intuitive. but. that was so exciting, it needs a whole post. a well-thought out, well-written post. one with direction. which is what i’m getting toward. i am pretty excited about this.

then it was business as usual (admittedly, a lot of mismanagement of time bordering on time wasting), and now, i’m about to watch a great netflix video. and probably eat a ton of crap, in a cycle of feeling bad/sad, eating sugar and junk, and then feeling worse, and so on and so forth. it’s emotional eating at its finest. but, whatever. i’m also moving in the direction of working out more.

and maybe giving up sugar?!

signing off, another discombobulated post,

(p.s. i intend to soon be posting more and putting more into each post, and instead of putting these posts under the category of lettin’ loose i can have more diversity. or my “daily” post will be under lettin’ loose and the other posts will be in my new, exciting categories to come!)

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