Quadrantids Meteor Shower- Better Late than Never!

a) meteor showers are always so late at night, but maybe that’s because i live on the east coast of america? (and they probably ALL aren’t). but, there is one tonight, best seen around 3 a.m., which, i will probably be up for anyway…but i should have posted about this earlier

b) it’s good that i’m posting about this, and not something about my personal life, as i have been and wanted to, but instead i’ll focus on the majesty of stars

c) so maybe i’m late for announcing this to all my devoted blog readers, but, follow this link for the dates of all the meteor showers in 2012!

d) i may or may not figure out what direction to go with my posting…whateva, one of my real-life resolutions is to be nice to myself. that said, it would help get more interest raised if i could focus.

A little more info on the Quadrantids

e) in conclusion: if you can’t see the meteor shower tonight (like i was upset about not being able to see the latest lunar eclipse- check out space.com’s cool photos), you can learn more about watching it from this good mashable’s quadrantids followings and stuff! (actual grainy video is from nasa)

f) if i had a sweet camera and complete darkness, i’d take pics and/or vids for you, but, i kind of have a cold, so it’ll be hard enough risking braving the cold!

and p.s. g) here’s one more cool site with a map laying out what the constellations look like and where to look for meteors. a good help out…thanks travis brown from spacedex.com! (see below for pic, check out site in the future!)

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