So Many Activities!

The title of this post refers to a line from Step Brothers after they make bunk beds and ponder all the wonderful things they could do. Actually, why don’t you just take a gander:

[youtube 27R79_Mi5Hk]

(If you haven’t seen the whole movie, you should, and if you have, re-watch it- it is sooo full of gems!)

I title this post, the 2nd of the year, as such, because I was overwhelmed today with the amount of activities (things) I could do, and even possibilities for this blogging idea. I am always interested in a ton of things (think reading several books at once, getting into a whole slew of different hobbies/crafts/sports/networking/even jobs!), and often leave them unfinished. If I resolve to blog every day, well, I guess I most likely could, but, I’m not gonna beat myself up. Instead, I will focus.

-Decide what to focus on in this blog
-The blog each day could be for my other sites (have a few others, educationally related and such)
-Develop a habit of blogging (Zen Habits does a good job discussing why it’s better to opt for choosing “habits” over making resolutions)
-Optimize my time and utilities and make something of this and my other sites…combining all the stuff I have laying around as well as bookmarked online

Well, that could lead to a LOT of activities. I have some usual resolutions, but, I am being easy on myself. Focus on just one thing. Will that thing be blogging? Possibly.

I’m also going to be nicer to myself, while pushing myself appropriately. Know my limits, and push myself toward them, but don’t beat myself up…instead, be very encouraging and reinforcing.

So I did some dishes, cleaned, worked a little, and took care of a few other daily-living-activities…wasn’t too exciting, but I’m blogging about it, and that’s exciting to be upholding my resolution.

Not really. I’m more excited about what’s to keep coming. But it is necessary to do the dishes, as they say. And, tonight I’ll work out (bonus) and take out the trash! YOU KNOW IT!

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