How to Navigate Facebook Timeline

As Facebook now rolls out the “Timeline” to all its users, there are sure to be more than the usual fair share of complaints. And rightfully so. They have made it so it is easy for someone you just became friends with to navigate their way back to your partying college years, or your awkward haircut in middle school time (possibly for some younger teenage users). You can access past info by clicking on the year you’d like to see on the right side. And, you get the chance to decide what is public or private (and a whole other slew of option that are becoming increasingly complex (groups/acquaintances/etc…), before you “publish” your “Timeline” profile.

But a lot of people are not going to want to spend the time going back through and looking at everything. A lot of people are going to complain about that privacy issue, and more importantly, they are going to complain about the changes. And this “Timeline” change is not just a minor layout change, it is a huge difference in the way you view a person’s page. I personally like it, though it did take some getting used to. There are a lot of options you have, and I do think it will be better for people going forward to have control over what they post- what is featured or hidden, and who it is shared with.

If people spend a little time learning about it, I think many will find it preferable to the older version. And if you don’t like it? Too bad, it’s FACEBOOK, people! It’s not your life, and it is bound to change again as soon as you are used to the new style. For people who think Facebook is life? They’re most likely used to the changes and probably won’t even care that they’ve shared everything about their breakfast and many other meals, intimate clothing and relationship choices, their alcohol of choice and methods of consuming, and so much more.

The title of my post is misleading. If I were keeping up with this great blog, I would give you a few tips on How to Navigate Facebook Timeline. Instead, my best advice for anything in life is, if you can’t figure it out- GOOGLE IT! Next, after having made an effort at research, ask a friend. If that fails and you are completely lost, hire someone (like me) to help you.

I was going to take screenshots and make a great tutorial, but that’s been done. So instead here I will help aid your google search process to save time. You’re welcome!

Here is the Timeline Overview from Facebook.

Mashable made a great overview with easy-to-follow instructions! It’s called How to Install Timeline with One Click. They make it sound so simple!

This was released today, as millions of people become so scared and confused to see their beloved Facebook change entirely. Facebook Timeline – 8 Things to Know This article does have some really good tips! I even learned a thing or two, and I’ve had Timeline for months!

Here is a youtube tutorial to help you with Timeline. It’s from Facebook. They make it seem so epic. Makes me want to vomit.

Keep in mind, Timeline does not go public until 12/22/2011. So you have until then to try to figure out what the @#%$ is going on. I published mine before I really even realized what was happening, and, whatever! I never post anything too ridiculously personal and definitely not incriminating, so, I don’t mind.

Hope you enjoyed my tips for helping you navigate Facebook’s new Timeline – as always google on!

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