music is your best friend sometimes (thomas newman = the genius at hand)

i come from a family where music can mean anything and everything to each of us. i know a lot of people probably feel that way, but if i spent two hours getting into it, you might get what i’m saying, and i’d still have a few more hours to go explaining why…

[youtube om5viv8AfPA]

thomas newman – how to make an american quilt

from the soundtrack you know. i don’t even know if i ever saw the movie. but t.newmerz became a hugely important part of my mother’s life, so much so that she wrote him a deep, long letter from her heart. she was so touched. and then so was my sister, who passed. and so was, and am, i. and i imagine many hundreds of thousands of people can and do feel the same way.

he wrote soundtracks for indescribably beautiful concepts/movies, like “shawshank redemption” “meet joe black” and the popular “american beauty”, as well as many others such as the video i’m sharing. and how could i not mention “angels in america”?! these songs touch the deepest parts of my soul, to a place and point where i don’t care what time it is, what mood i’m in, i can always let go of my facade, caring what others think, being ashamed of overflowing feelings and emotions…it’s just pure beauty. he is a genius.

i am going through SO much right now. it makes all that other stuff i thought was tough to go through look almost like fluffy pillows. but. alas. i respect my former self, at that time, and recognize that the “me” at that time really felt like i was “going through a lot”. and music always helps me.

if i’m upset and want to cry, i might listen to thomas newman, as i now more than ever associate him with emotions with such depth that i can’t describe…circa the time of my sister’s death and surreal funeral. and if i’m happy i’ll put on the beatles. or sad the beatles. or want to dance- pop, or want to escape- rap. or want to be someone different- listen to an alternative station.

i’m not going to try and make any points here. just sharing that thomas newman is an astounding composer and/or songwriter. and, as so many of you can relate to, whether or not you play or make any music, everyone loves a great song, and whatever mood strikes, it’s nice to find complementary music. maybe that’s why i’m so excited about being a DJ.

what a world, hearing is possibly the last sense i’d want to give up. it’s tough deciding between vision and hearing. tonight it’s hearing i’d want to hold onto forever. i have seen so much, but i’d go crazy if i couldn’t enjoy the beauty of music out there already, music to come, music to commemorate and cherish, and music i can create!

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