Ice Creations Cafe in Jenkintown is Overpriced

OK, so maybe I haven’t gotten ice cream at “Ice Creations Cafe” yet, but I can guess it’d also be overpriced, or at least really expensive. There isn’t even a billboard with prices up. The reason I’m taking the time to blog is because I was appalled at the prices today.

I went there last week when it first opened and got an americano (I drink americano’s pretty much daily). It was not very good. There was also no cream, just whole and low-fat milk. (Update- they do have cream, it just wasn’t out and you have to ask for it) I love me some cream in my americano! But, I didn’t even count them out just yet- I said, ok, I’ll try again next time.

Next time was today. I decided to try an iced americano, as those could feasibly be better than a hot one. I was also hungry, so I looked at their pastries and bagels (did notice a fly buzzing around, though they are hard to avoid when the door’s open), and decided to get something.

I remembered I had cream cheese at home, so in an effort to save some money, I just ordered a plain whole grain bagel. My total was $5.72!

I got a receipt and looked at it. The americano said “iced coffee/latte” for $3.00 (that’s a whole lot more than I even pay at Starbucks), but ok, it’s a small local business I would have supported (were it quality!), and the bagel said $2.40.

No bagel should cost $2.40 PLAIN. I asked about it. I thought maybe they had charged me for a breakfast sandwich bagel! He looked at the register and said, “Oh, that was an error. It’s 1.90 plus tax which comes to 2.01”. He gave me back some change, and I didn’t say anything, but how the $%^& are you gonna charge that much for a PLAIN BAGEL?!

I got home and put butter on half, cream cheese on the other. And guess what- just like the americano, the bagel was just…EH. I’ve had much better.

I have seen people eating the ice cream,and if I care enough to try that out and get a price range, I’ll let you know. But here’s my point: I do not recommend buying coffee or baked goods there.

I will give them ONE more chance. I will go in to do some re-con, scope out the iced creations prices, and give them the opportunity to wow them with their iced coffee- maybe that’s good. And I’ll ask if they intend to get cream.

And then I’ll update. If not, right now, it’s not looking good for them. Sure, kids love ice cream and if they can walk to a local joint, they will, but I don’t know how long they’ll fare, especially at these unfair prices.

UPDATE: I didn’t even finish the bagel that day, it was doughy and not tasty. But, I think they might be changing their baked goods?

I went back in and tried the iced coffee on two separate occasions. The first time they said they didn’t have it yet so they were making it with espresso (aka an Americano) so I ended up getting it for less, which was good. The iced americano was ok. The next time I went in, they did have regular brewed iced coffee. And they had hired a manager who seemed like he was making some improvements.

However, I got two comments from them on this blog post. One you can see below, which I replied to. The other was my full name, which they probably found by looking back at my receipt/card info. That is not very mature, and also probably illegal. But all’s fair on the internet. My opinion stands. And now, after receiving the comment accusing me of not being honest (as well as some sort of attempt to publicize my name- wow), I do not intend to go back.

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9 Responses to Ice Creations Cafe in Jenkintown is Overpriced

  1. Lesuer says:

    I actually remember you specifically. And perhaps your ploy in getting hits on your blog is to downgrade local business in Jenkintown . Number one in effort to keep in line with the truth . You ordered a whole grain bagel. That is not a plain bagel. Please correct yourself. In addition your demeanor was somewhat stand-offish . I wondered if perhaps you was having a bad day. I guess in your line of work, you would have to carry yourself that way. And finally I will address my menu or lack thereof not up yet. This is our pre opening which means we are not fully open. And our menu will be up soon. We are just working out final details from our graphic artist . So hey while we are in the business of pleasing our customers. If you feel that your ice latte was not good . Please come back for a full refund. I honestly doubt you will. People like you hide in the dark . Let’s help the business in Jenkintown by being contructive in our likes and dislikes. Ice Creations Cafe wants to help build the communities local charities by giving ten percent of it’s monthly earnings every month. Help us help the community . And if there is a problem. Tell us so we can correct it immediately. . Thanks. The owner

  2. Amandoo says:

    I appreciate your response, however finding and trying to publish my name is quite inappropriate, and I can see that you have obviously been upset by my post (as you also probably made up that other rude comment). “People like you hide in the dark”. Not really. I am very honest in my posts, but am also expressing my opinion. Judging my mood? Saying I was standoff-ish? Interesting business tactics.

    I did try to remedy the problem by asking about the ridiculous price of the plain (as in no condiment such as cream cheese) whole grain bagel, and was still put off by the over $2 price.

    I think it’s great for new businesses to open in small towns, and I wish you guys luck. I have already seen some good changes since the original post, but I am disappointed in your response to my blog post and therefore not going to come back. Though maybe I will come by to express this in person, especially my concern over the unethical attempt at to use my private information against me!

  3. Bob Dylan says:

    Enjoyed a good cup of coffee, delicious banana bread, and a quiet hour to read. Nice to have a local spot like this. I wish you nothing but success and the resilience to ignore your critics.

  4. Lesuer says:

    You tell that I am not mature. Yet now you say you will confront the issue personally. You proved my point. You could have confronted the issue straight on by telling us that the product was not to your liking and furthermore you hurt a new business that wants to help local charities in the area. I am curious if you actually think about your actions before committing them. You not only hurt the business but the local charities . I always welcome contructive talks or criticism . We want to please every customer. Oh and another thing I did not get your name from your cc . You are the moderator. You decide what’s gets posted. So give me a break about making your name public. This is a very small town and you never know who knows who. So feel free to stop by and talk to Dan . Let him know who you are and you like to talk to me.

  5. Schubert says:

    Give the Daily Grind Cafe a try. We are located at the Pavilion, 261 Old York Rd. We are a true Mom and Dad who work our buts off to make the best food and coffee possible. Lunch gets pretty busy so come early to score a seat. Affordable… YES! small coffee and breakfast sandwich with tax, under $4. But don’t cheap out on yourself, get the Turkey Mango sandwich, you wont regret it.

  6. Greg says:

    So, was this this same owner who managed to screw this place up before selling to some unsuspecting/naive (but genuinely nice) couple who didn’t realize how much debt was there? Now its closed. Nice job.

  7. Amandoo says:

    Greg- Are you talking about the guy who most recently ran it? Or what, I’m confused as to who you are referring to, but that does sound sad. I wish there could be a successful local coffee shop there, but that’s a tough thing to do, in a good economy, even with tons of loyal customers.

    Didn’t know it was left indebted, but I can imagine it was, it just all of the sudden was closed for a while and then the signs went up!

  8. Greg says:

    Yes, the guy who reopened the dormant Jenkintown Java as Ice Creations. He talked a big game about donating to the community and such, but I really wonder how much of that actually happened. Around the time of the Jenkintown Music/Arts/Beer Fest a woefully unprepared couple began running it before the whole thing shut down again. I wasn’t sure if they were from a management company or the new owners, but rumor has it they bought the thing from the first (Ice Creations) guy and didn’t know the debt load associated with it.

    The Daily Grind is a great coffeehouse, but Jenkintown could really use a coffee/desert place in the town center-area.

    The original Jenkintown Java was great, but unsustainable. The owner was the guy who runs West Ave. Grille, but he started it in order to sell it off. I think they went through one, maybe two, other owners before shuttering. The menu was too complicated and probably unnecessary. They just needed someone to sell coffee, ice cream and maybe some deserts. Soup and hot cocoa in the winter would be nice too.

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