Margaritas- Let’s Try This A Few More Times

I’m about to enjoy a nice cool, refreshing, delicious cointreau margarita. Want to learn more about Cointreau? At one point in my life I actually lived in the town where Cointreau is from in France! How cool is that?!

Here’s the recipe I’m using:

Pour into a shaker with ice:
– 1 oz. Cointreau
– 2 oz. Tequila
– 3/4 oz. Fresh lime juice

Strain into a salt rimmed Margarita glass

I have 1800 Tequila (fairly nice, though no Patron), and am using pink Himalayan crystal salt instead of just boring old table salt.

Margaritas were a huge help when I was out in MI with the fam after the tragic passing of my sister. Just over a month ago now. I didn’t think I’d be particularly affected yesterday (other than acknowledging that it had been a month and I still can’t believe it), but at one point, I was learning to sing a song a friend had wrote, and I listened to the lyrics and then just couldn’t help but burst into tears. C’est la vie. It hits you hard, randomly, grief.

So let me actually get this margarita thing going and come back to this post! OK, so, here are a few more notes:

-Himalayan pink crystal salt is delicious
-This #$%^ is strong tasting
-1800 tequila was kinda difficult to get open (annoying plastic wrap stuff)
a. They have a shot-pour-cap, which is an innovative idea
b. But it sucks. You have to be careful not to let it drip out (which I didn’t do a good job of) when inverting it.
-Margaritas are delicious. This is a lot better than a mix, and less sugar and therefore fewer calories haha

Yeah, so, margaritas were a mainstay for me that week I was home. Mind you, I was drinking socially and a lot of good times and even many laughs were had because of these. And now, I have purchased the makings for them to enjoy at home. Am I drinking alone? I’m not going to answer that question. Would that make me an alcoholic?

No! Not if I’m cooking too! Right, “Harto”?!

[youtube vq7G-Q9ZwC0]

This girl could be my friend, but, I can never get over making a grilled cheese without cheese. But sometimes life is tough, so…respect!

ADDENDUM- so you may be asking, how would this post be complete without some personal proof input?!

Well, it’s been tough lately! I thought my cam had totally run out of battery, left it in MI, then it got sent…anyway, long story not gonna go on anymore. I got a pic, and here it is!

Cointreau Margarita Chez Amandoo

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