I Thought I Always Did An End-of-year-looking-back-report, But I Don’t

I felt pressure to get in an end-of-year-looking-back-summary-blog, thinking I’d done that every year, but I haven’t. Only a few times. I’m more likely to discuss what is the world today.

Overall, 2010 was stellar. It was amazing. My personal life was swell, my job situation changed for the better, and I got good news about my dad’s health. I could have done things differently/better, but I also really realized I was placing too much of a priority on perfection, and stressing myself out with unrealistically high expectations. I came to see that making more time for spiritual growth and reflection would in the end give me more time.

There was some tragedy, more than I ever would have thought possible. Two very sad deaths. One of them being a cousin, married to a childhood friend of mine, leaving behind 3 children. The other, also unexpected, was my best friend’s brother. I still can’t really tell how they’ve affected me. Life goes on, but, it has led me to think I will probably leave the teaching profession in 2011. It’s too much to be so “on display” all the time. I need a lower-stress job, and, for me, teaching is very stressful.

But I had a lot of good interactions, great times (amazing vacations, getaways, and awesome weddings- including my brother’s!!!), and a whole lot of love.

I can’t complain. I really can’t. I’m very lucky, and very in love with life. I am glad that 2010 was way better than 2009, but also very different. Each year is an exciting, different path in the challenge of life’s ups and downs.

It’s an interesting experience, life. 2011 brings exciting possibilities for me. I have some goals, but, I’ll save those for next year.

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