End of Year is Almost Hear

I wrote “hear” instead of “here” as a reference to all the end of year mashups/best-of’s people make (Rolling Stones’ lists, anyone?). I care most about music, so I like a lot of the “best album of the year” and all that stuffs. But, I also love DJ Earworm’s top 25 billboard mashups.

I mentioned Taio Cruz’ Dynamite a few months back after my little brother got married and that was the song they danced in to.

I believe I’ve also mentioned DJ earworm before? If I haven’t, I’m appalled. He does some great mashups.

And here is his 2010 hot hip hoppity hits song smashup.

[youtube LLA7JMPE_xU]

I like it a lot.

My favorite is still. @#$%. I forgot which year. I’m getting older. Some don’t compare to the others as well as the others. I guess it all depends on your personal preferences, which I’ll allow. I also guess there have been a number of other factors that have caused me to have positive feelings for some of this crappy popular music.

What can I say? It’s time to get down, ladies and gentlemen…the end of the year is almost here!

My END OF YEAR REPORT BLOG (or whatever it’s called) is almost here!

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