End of Year Fiscal Responsibility

Since I haven’t done hardly anything responsible in the past few days (about a week now I’ve been mostly sitting on the couch and watching stuff all day, playing snake intermittently on and off). Uh…fewer brain cells.

Anyway, one link I’ve kept open on my computer, is one dealing with money. A love-hate thing for SO many people. And necessary for virtually everyone.

This particular article deals with an idea that can help you figure out what you need to deal with most, financially. I believe (to give credit to some company I love, I found it on mint‘s blog site).
“Out with the old, in with the new- do a mind sweep”. It is a great idea. You basically brainstorm everything you’re thinking of, ironically, and it will help you figure out what to do. Allowing yourself enough time to come up with every to-do and pesky nagger, and thing you’ve been neglecting, obsessing, or conveniently forgetting.

Anyway, it’s funny that they suggested a ‘cold winter weekend day’ or something like that. I could have done that any of these past 3-4 days. But, alas, I really indulged in being sick and getting over it. By doing…..nothing. Watching stuff.

It’s cool. Now that I’ve blogged about it, it’s there. And maybe someone else will be inspired by it!

Until the next time, I’m out nerds! (30-rock marathon speaking).

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