love is in the air, er, i mean, vacation is on the way

a lot of people are on vacation. even more schools are on vacation. i must admit i’m sad that i’m not yet on vacation, and sometime around these parts of the year, my birthday happens. i’m happy to say i will be free-sailing soon. and i did get an observation at school that went pretty well. good times.

i could be doing a lot more, a lot better, but, i deserve a break. so i’ll start easing into it now.

too bad i can’t go away somewhere for the big C-mas. to help me get in a unique holiday spirit, i’m now going to go watch the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas Special”. reminds me of one of the first dates i had with my boyfriend, of almost a year now!

lots to celebrate, i guess. and once i’m on break, i’ll feel it. i’ll know it. i will love and cherish it.

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