Juice Cleanse, Day 1

Read all about it here. I juiced, but ate 2 handfuls of raspberries, which I was ok with. One goal of mine is drinking enough to lessen the caffeine withdrawal. I’m on day 2 now, and it’s going well. We’ll see.

I always feel like I have so much to do, even though it’s the Summer. It’s amazing how the days fly! I did accomplish one goal today, sending out for my transcripts for my new job, but, that’s small. It really does almost shock me how time flies. And it is flying, considering I’m not eating!

Back to business, and hydration. Will blog again soon. And, because I’m blogging about my juice cleanse, that means I’m definitely hitting 2 of my 3 big Summer goals- blog more, juice more. Running? Well, not gonna be running much (if at all) during this cleanse.

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