Health Cleanse! (Juice Fast…I think)

I’ve debated and debated. Though I really haven’t spent that much time looking stuff up, nor have I gotten any sort of professional help in deciding what type of fast/cleanse to do. I’ve decided to embark on a juice cleanse. I knew that I couldn’t fast for that long, and felt that it wouldn’t necessarily be that good for me. I know of someone who recently did the 10-day Lemonade Diet fast, but I thought that that seemed to risky for someone who feels like they’re blood-sugar sensitive. I don’t think I have low blood sugar, necessarily, but I am definitely very affected by sugar, and think that lots of maple syrup wouldn’t be good for me.

So a juice fast seems logical. Well, I was looking it up today, and I’m not completely certain, but since I am in fairly good health, I’ll give it a try, with a goal of 7 days, and see what happens. I will chronicle it here, I guess. 🙂

[youtube ZaQ23XMnAsE]

Videos should make it fun, and more interesting for everyone!

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