How Did You Get Here?

[youtube NuHoXaig_-Q]
Watch this video from a genius of sorts! ashfordaisyak – check out other videos on youtube if you like it!

In the Summer I find myself susceptible to a lot of time-wasting, and a lot of random treasure finding.

It makes me enjoy life more, all the random humor, so long as I don’t spend too long wasting time. Facebook is the real culprit for that.

Well, that, or, the Hills.

I admit it…I’ve watched all too many an episode of the Hills, whereas before I hardly had ever seen them on the telly. Ugh. What can you do? Everyone’s got embarrassing little secrets.

Who knows how we arrive to conclusions, or to certain spots, even corners, in our lives?!

I’ll leave you with this thought- the Onion is funny for so many reasons.

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