Working on Goal #3, Blogging, and It’s Always Sunny!

In order to accomplish Goal #3 of my Summer Goals (for this week, at least), I’ve been working on this new page for my blog:

♥ It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Database of Awesomeness ♥

It has links to each of the five seasons of the awesome show, and an additional link for videos, fun, and other stuff.

I have diligently spent about 1.5 hours on it so far, so that’s pretty good. The other day I was watching Arrested Development and working on my Arrested Development quote database. Check that out!

I’m doing a pretty good job here with the blog. This is quality stuff that will bring in the readers!

The other goals, like running (ughh, it’s hot!), and debt-diggin, need some improvement. I may juice today, so that will take care of the #1 (though not ranked in order) goal.

I also have to remind myself that if I did nothing all Summer that would be ok. But. It certainly wouldn’t be ok with me and my expectations. So I’ll aim to not pretend that I have/set huge, high goals, and instead work from the motto of “It’s Summer. Doing Anything is Way Better than doing Nothing!”

I have an over-achievement problem. Alright. Anyway, stay tuned for updates and cool blog additions, maybe a change of format?! And to hear more about the stuff I’m willing to share with an unknown audience.

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  1. JimO says:

    Quite by accident i came across the entry that you’re Dan Cole’s gransdon. I’d like to send you some of the things I wrote about his mind-boggling ground-breaking work in his too-short life.

    Jim Oberg

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