Summer Time’s a Brewin’

I am in shock, pleasant disbelief, and even a little outraged at the fact that it is Summer for me! Finally!! I am just, so, unbelievably, excited!!!

A lot has happened recently. And a lot will happen. This will be the best Summer ever!!! So excited!!!!

(Great post, I know)

To add to the excitement of this post, I’ll put up some goals I’ve developed for my Summer.

1) Juice at least once a week. Got an Omega something something awesome juicer. Ideally I’d say every other day, but I know that’s a) expensive, and b) time-consuming. So I’ll say once a week and solidly go for that, to start.

2) Run at least once a week. And come up with some sort of motivation! Last year I decided to do (and start training for) a 1/2 marathon. That forced me to run pretty good all Summer. I need something like that, but not to that extent. I am lucky to enjoy running, but haven’t been doing it much at all, and hotness demotivates me.

3) Blog at least once a week. There we go. That’s some good motivation to get this place back up and running. I have a lot to say, to share, to show. So, let’s get this show on the road.

4) Pay off debt to get toward Savings! This is a great one. The first step is some sort of budgeting which I have yet to ever do. I’m scared to see the obvious (I spend/have debt for more than I make). At least, that’s what it seems. And I’m moving into a position where I can have hope- if I focus, figure out, and finish. So that’s a great goal. I will update you on progress with honest blogs.

I’ll let you know about all of this as the Summer progresses. If I forget, remind me, oh loyal readers!

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