Sounds like chang-a-lang-chang-chang-a-lang-chong from Badu’s “Southern Gul” song. Has to do with the change(s) in my life. They’re exciting. I can definitely already say I feel really different, more and more so. Let me get into some specifics. I’m enjoying substituting at a great public school. Yes, it’s a little difficult, because it’s the end of the year, and the grading is intimidating, but it’s a great experience, and the whole throwing-myself-in-head-first, has been good for my letting-go-of-perfectionism-in-my-ego type experience.

I’m very excited for making this money, and then getting to enjoy me some Summer. However, in the meantime, I will enjoy my life, as much as I can, getting up around 6am every day! (Who can believe that?!)

Things could be changing soon, I don’t know. They are going to. They definitely are/have been.

I am excited for life. Very, very happy to know more about myself all the time. The most important part is givin’ it up to God!

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