“Exit Through the Gift Shop” – go see it, now.

“Best movie ever.” -my boyfriend. But I think he really meant it. Especially because he was very hesitant to see it, and probably was just fancying a whim for me.

It quite possibly is that, though.

“Beyond words- you need to see it.” – me

Those are bad quotes, but somewhat true to the film.

My friend’s boyfriend had a pretty good description of this unique gem of a documentary:

“genius with a twist. its like ‘the sixth sense’ only with less bruce willis and more great.”

I was naturally drawn to it, under unnatural circumstances (found it at a tiny movie theater next to the coffee shop where two friends were playing that evening), because of the French shop-keeper. I read a description about a documentary following a subject that wasn’t there. I didn’t fully understand what that meant until well into the film. There really were plot twists, and intriguing changes of events- and it was all true.

Read the NY Times Movie Review of it.

[youtube a0b90YppquE]

There’s a preview to give you a better idea of what it’s about. It combines street art, which is pretty neat, with a crazy French-men, with totally unrealistic ideas that work in the wildest ways- like it ends up so often with popular things in society.

I’m not a film reviewer, if I had time I’d say more, but, the urgent message right now is, YES, it is worth seeing!!!

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