Hail No!

It looks like a hail storms a brewin.

Not quite sure what I’m trying to do, anywhere.

Interests are a key thing, so are interesting people, and so is an interest-bearing savings account.

Gotta keep yo’self occupied. No lies, no hidin. You gotsta be you. And I ain’t old-school…but I like it (old-school, you know)!

Reassuring myself I’ve been doing enough is a kindness. I recently realized I am in fact a perfectionist, and a needlessly ambitious one.

That said, my interests, such as examining and performing music, are a clear key to keeping myself real.

Oohhh weee it is gettin’ real dark out.

I’m lovin’ it. But. Sadly, I can’t go to the Erykah Badu concert because I’ll already be on my road trip! Yay! Road trip 2010 comin so soon. And my SUMMER!!! This one is inevitably going to be 70% better than last Summer, for a lot of reasons.

And I thank God for this. Hydration, and gratitude, are two huge keys to success.

Love to y’all!!!

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