Upstares & Sotto Varalli – Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia – AMAZING (tasty, speedy service!!)

Here’s a link to Varalliusa or Upstares restaurant in Philadelphia.

I haven’t been blogging much lately, and I’m no renowned food critic, so I’ll make this short and sweet.

The food was excellent, but more importantly, the service was SPECTACULAR! And the price was pretty reasonable considering the high quality of food.

My boyfriend and I went there with just over an hour before the start time of a nearby show we were going to see. Once the server knew we were seeing a show and on a time crunch (she asked, by the way!), she said they’d do everything to make sure we dined in enough time.

The food came out so fast it got there before she had brought us bread, which literally felt like single-digit minutes.

I got duck with a fig sauce, which she said could go on anything, and she was right. It was delicious. It came with sauteed spinach and some mustardy mashed potato delight. Boyfriend got the in-house-made gnocchi and beef ribs, which was also delicious.

The decor was quite nice, we were seated right away (again- this is on a busy Saturday evening! in downtown Philly), and it was all a very pleasant experience.

The best part? Because we had to eat quickly, our waitress gave us a $10 gift certificate, on them, to come back and enjoy dessert.

I had to blog about this place, it was such a uniquely awesome dinner and experience. I will definitely go back. What service!!!

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