Pump the System

Erykah Badu has a shirt that says that. I want it. I want one like it. Might I be able to make one myself? I’m not sure. I think I would. Perhaps soon. Twould be good. Things are good. I am certain of it.

Life is good. I need some pics from Christmas. They’re on my phone, but I have not recently found my camera, at all.


I will give you more info about this wonderfulness called life in a few days. I need to be patient. I also am aiming to get some stuff done. I wanted to be “productive” and then had to stop and ponder what this “productivity” I was envisioning really was.

It’s not in this blog, it’s not on twitter or my FB log, it’s not in the internet tubes, it’s not in having bigger boobs. It’s found in loving all the people around, making good sounds, and being enough to astound yourself by correctly flowing the universe’s good energy. I mean, maybe I drank a little too much Christmas spirit, but I think the times are a changin’.

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