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Blog, Help Me! You’re the Only One Out There!

I just mad stalked facebook for a few hours while watching a TERRIBLE show on E! about celebrity plastic surgery jobs. Wow, what a way to spend time, right?!

And then I continued to facestalk, and I just refreshed a few times, and I noticed…..

….you ready for it?….

…..not one of my nearly 500 friends had put up a status update in the last hour……I was in shock.

I couldn’t believe it. Surely my internet must not be working right, or, more likely, facebook isn’t up to speed on all of those tasty status updates I’m missing out on.

And then I realized what a fool I’ve become. My last status update only got 1 like, and comments from my mom. I had to delete it (no offense, mom!).

I will readily admit that I’m going through rough times (read breakup reality setting in). And then, I will not admit anything- hello! I am a happy, funny person. And that’s not funny, because it’s obvious I’m being spasmodic.

In conclusion, I am so happy that spasmodic is a word, and even though the idealist, perfectionist side of me screams “your blogging skills have sucked hard lately, you’re falling into the ‘Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few’ demotivator category”, and another part says, “hey, this is my life right now, telling myself i do need to go out elst i’ll have a terrible evening by myself obsessively refreshing FB for new pics? new quotes? new links?” this is me. i capitalize sometimes, and many times i don’t. depends on how fast i want to put this blap out there.

love you, readers. this is life, it has its ups and downs, baby.

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