what is the world today, part truth

this is part of a non-series, as my blog is, well, non-secuator if you will. (spell-check won’t).

Part 1?

Part 3?

i don’t have much rhyme or reason to what i do, but i do like rhyming. i bought a rhyming dictionary today. and i no dubitubly intend to use it. fully. freely.

depression. a catch22 of sorts. if i’m depressed i’m no fun to hang out with, and if i don’t hang out with people i’ll get depressed.

luckily, in my world, mania strikes. and when it does, it strikes cute. like a fluffy kitten. similar to that terrible song “i get crazy” (what IS up with the radio today- do not even go there- to the radio that is)(but do go to that page and check out her song and her pic. she don’t look like i woulda thought, but boy it makes me happy that she looks like that!)

i’m makin’ sense, as always. so yeah, life. there’s my perception and experience of it, and others’. and my interpretation or ideas of what others are thinkin, feelin, and doin. and i do get crazy!

-the mainstream news sickens me
-Mr. Lif is soooo inspiring, listen to I Heard it Today
-Mos Def is also awe-inspiring, and got some great social commentary, check out “The Ecstatic” NOW

and now i’m feeling some slight pressure to donate to wikipedia (check it if you haven’t been there today, all you regular daily readers of my blog).

hey, i’m not knocking myself, nor my blog, it’s all good here. i just gotta get focused.

i did volunteer, and teaching is a form of volunteering 🙂 and when i am useful to others, and not wallowing in my own why-me crapulence, i can get the good type of crazy, the good type of manic, where i get stuff done, and change the world.

hollywood stars are not who you really think you want to be, i know, right?!

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