breakups are pathetic. but why would i broadcast that? i will, and i’ll tell you why.

a) rarely does a person read this blog (prove me wrong, people!)

b) pretty much anyone who has a heart has gone through some heartbreak, be it big or small.

long-term relationship breakups suck, and in your mid-20’s, you usually have created a whole lifestyle with a person. they are your boyfriend/girlfriend, and your best friend.

and for me, most of my friends are married or dating someone seriously.

i guess i have to hang out with single friends, and make an effort to indeed spend time with other friends too. biggest goals:

1) See people– spend time with them

2) Do things– keep my mind occupied

if i succeed in these things, then i will achieve number 3

3) Not Ex-Boyfriend– thinking about and/or anything else about will no longer be an issue

i usually do a good job of not getting too into my personal life, but, it’s all i have to think about right now. and i have already put some good spins on things, it will be a good chance for all the #1 & #2’s i’ve been neglecting or making excuses about.

and everything happens for a reason. and it will get easier. and so on and on.

but it hurts, and it gets me emotional. which brings me to the title of this post. due to the circumstances, and having to readjust to what i’m going to do/who i’m going to spend time with or not, etcetera…

i feel pathetic.



pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. i’ll do a little of both, most likely. and pain is a reminder to live in the present. and blog!

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