“Dorm Life” = best idea ever, watch every available episode NOW

Randomly searching through hulu shows and looking for something new, I found “Dorm Life“. Sadly, I’ve watched through all the available episodes, and rather quickly, I might add, but it was worth it, and now I will extol its wonders. Why is it the best thing ever (up there with Always Sunny in Philly and the like), well, here are a few of my favorite reasons:

1) the characters (Shane, Steph, Britt and Courtney, on&on- they are ALL amazing). Shane especially- always wearing a “My Friend Sam is 50” shirt and having a great laugh 🙂 but they evolve and are perfect. They really grow on you and are likable anyway, right from the start.

2) the length they’re only 5 minutes long, and once you start watching you can’t stop. then you get really excited when you get to some 8 minute ones and the 11 and 15 minute ones are buried treasure.

3) comedic content out of control hilarity. sooo funny. at first i was worried it would seem contrived, but it was funny and held up to my high standards. i was very impressed.

4) wit it’s more than just funny, and it’s even subtle at times. it’s a whole bag of wonder, when you get to know the characters and you notice the little things, which is easy in such short episodes which you could watch again if you wanted!

5) i can’t stop thinking about it and my life is better for having seen it i’m not kidding. my life will never be the same after watching it. it was inspiring, as well as hilarious. and, as any good comedy show does, they threw in some touching stuff to make it feel all warm and humany. and not too much like the office (haha jk office fans, i’ll catch up with that sometime…maybe). i will be laughing at a vague idea or feeling in my head and realize it was something from dorm life. i miss it, but ’tis better to have watched and stopped than to not have watched at all!


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