I Encourage Making Your Own Soup

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cooking, but making soup is a great way to combat several cooking-related issues.

a. If you make a huge batch of soup, you can eat it for several days afterward, so you don’t have to cook much else.

b. You don’t have to be a good cook to make a good soup. In fact, experimentation is a must, to find your most delicious match.

c. It’s really easy to make a good tasting soup, and pretty hard to make a gross one, unless you have zero skill.

d. Soup is cheap, I’m talking delicious healthy hearty meals for less than 80 cents a serving. Depends on what you put in and what quantity you make, but most likely your cost to food outcome will be cheap.

e. It’s an easy way to get some nutritious, and warm-your-soul goodness, if you’ll let me go that far. Soup is great, especially now that it’s getting colder in most places. Have it hot, with some crackers, bread, or just alone, and it will make you feel great.

The soups I make have a plethora of vegetables, and often some chicken sausage or something of that nature. I’ve only made one bad batch out of like 23. I plan on making and exploring many soups this Fall and Winter.


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