Half Marathon – Need to Make Time to Train

I’m sad that I made my 1/2 marathon running training a page instead of blog post updates, because then nobody who sees it can/will comment!


I’m running the Philadelphia Half Marathon, which a running buddy told me is not the original one- the Philly Distance run is. But that’s okay, I would NOT be ready before November. Check out my page that goes over the ups and downs of not just the hills I run, but everything from the training plan, to my moods, and excuses and motivation.

I’m also running the Free to Breathe 5k on November 1st and I’m really excited about that because my father has lung cancer 🙁 and he isn’t even a smoker. (I’ve come to read a lot about that stigma- there are tens of thousands of non-smokers a year dying of lung cancer).

I’m glad to be running- it’s really helping the lows I’m fighting due to being tired, overworked, and stressed about family stuff (and it’s hard to come to terms with the cancer thing).

I guess once I really get back into a schedule, and refocus myself to devote enough time and energy, it’ll be nice. And it’s something that always helps me feel better. Running, and sweating, and getting exerted.

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  1. Amandoo says:

    I’ve really not been following a good training pattern, but I have been determined in continuing running no matter what the excuses!

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