I’m a Little Scared for My 1/2 Marathon Training

Yes, I’m a Little Scared for My 1/2 Marathon Training, but one of the reasons I signed up for it was so I would HAVE to run when school started.

Lately My 1/2 Marathon Training“>my pictures have been pretty exciting, and at the same time not exactly pretty. Ha. It’s all good, though, I can laugh at and with myself.

If I couldn’t, I’d have no hope of being a comedian, and that hope always makes me laugh.

These worries shared, I think it’ll be very interesting and a wonderful journey to balance running and school and planning. Maybe I’ll ease up a little on procrastinating and dive into more of a schedule?!?!?!

Woh. Who knows? Anything is possible!

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2 Responses to I’m a Little Scared for My 1/2 Marathon Training

  1. Bhealthier says:

    Hey! How do I donate?

    no worries on your race! it will be a fun experience and it takes effort but it should always be fun! I can be such a procrastinator, but then I know I do my best when I have the most on my plate.. so to speak. ha. i miss you and whats her face.

  2. amandoo says:

    🙂 if you hurry, you could be the donation that puts me over my ‘final’ goal. i’m so overwhelmed with how generous people have been! my father is a great guy, and this is a serious cancer and i think people really need to be more aware of it! (and you could put in your donation in honor of jeff’s aunt) thanks, sweetie! wish you could come run it with me!!!


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