Reminder to Women and Men too- Photoshopping is Uber-present and Deludes Peepz

Take a look at this Self magazine cover of Kelly Clarkson:


Notice anything? I’m not a huge Kelly Clarkson fan, but had to look into this issue more, after hearing the outrage about the extreme photoshopping done. Compare here:


And read the terrible, contradictory statements made my the Self editor in this article: “Self Editor Continues to Make a Poor Case for Slimming Kelly Clarkson“.

I read the article, and a few blogs, (I actually read about this on a tasty food blog first), and I’m sickened by it. And other photoshopping done to make actresses’ breasts bigger, or their thighs smaller. It’s so stupid. It’s especially odd because Self’s message is “You can be happy, healthy, fit, and your best self at any size.” The editor does not even make a good defense, she rewords things to avoid admitting they cut her in half basically to better sell the magazine.

I did not subscribe to, or read Self, and I plan not to. I guess I would have read it in the past, but I’m all for putting a ban on crap like that. Who needs that in their life!?

Men and women alike, be aware of this kind of thing, that happens all the time. I will continue to have a healthy body image, and eat well, and enjoy any exercise I choose to do. I’m very grateful to be of a healthy weight, and hope that my running training could inspire even just one person to do a 1/2 or full marathon.

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  1. Hi there, and thanks for the shout out! I completely agree with your thoughts that photoshopping has gotten completely out of control. It’s one thing to smooth over a pimple or de-crease a wrinkle, but this is absolutely ridiculous and insulting!

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