Confession: I’m Reading and Loving Confessions of a Shopaholic

I’m surprised at how much I can relate to the main character of this book. I think I’ll finish reading it (I’m flying through it) and then watch the movie. It’s funny, but I really like it a lot more than I thought I would. I thought it’d be a fluffy ladies’ novel, and it’s actually really well-written, funny, and it’s got a lot of stuff that I can compare to similar things in my life.

One example is me always thinking maybe I can still get famous someday. I have several ways of doing this- hiphop star, comedian on Saturday Night Live, or famous novelist. And yet, I live an unglamorous life where I’m in debt, I am scared to admit how much I don’t enjoy my job (mostly due to the anxiety it produces in me), and I don’t have it all figured out.

I was reading about the main character’s luggage-shopping trip with a guy she thinks is interested in her, but turns out isn’t (he has a girlfriend), and it made me laugh aloud because it related so well with me getting disappointed about not being famous. (Mind you, I had just been watching Entourage as well! What a great TV show to make you almost feel like you could be famous because they show so much of “what it’s like” (right) while being very sneakily unrealistic)

She had fun luggage-shopping with him, then they have lunch, she feels lead on, he says he has a girlfriend, and she does a nice job calling him out on the leading-on, but then he sort of laughs it off, and she feels worse. Here’s the paragraph I liked:

“I arrive home that afternoon, feeling weary and miserable. […] Real life isn’t swanning around in Knighstbridge in a taxi, choosing 1,000 pound suitcases, is it? This is real life. Home to a tiny flat which still smells of curry, and a pile of nasty letters from the bank, and no idea what to do about them.” (COAS, beginning of Ch. 12)

And I love the wording describing life a little later: ” ‘Shit-boring tedious life,’ more like.”

A good reminder of the “unglamorous” (think dirty dishes, credit card debt, and picking your nose) life so many of us lead. Paris Hilton has showed us that if you have enough money, you can become a celebrity. And reality TV shows make it seemingly easy for “everyday citizens” to become “famous”. But what good does it really amount to?

I’m loving the book, and will enjoy it til the very end (also love the bonus of the cute British vocabulary). In the meanwhile, I will continue to recognize that my life is what it is and to keep being okay with it, and I’ll try to balance hoping and making efforts towards better things, with the unrealistic hopes and dreams I have on-and-off-again.

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  1. Bhealthier says:

    love this post. i enjoyed the movie but it seems as though I would have enjoyed the book more!

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