I’m really a crazy person

Yesterday morning, I thought I had a lot to do. I was extremely happy I didn’t have to go to jury duty (yay!), and I had planned nothing because I thought I’d have to do that. And I decided to drive from near Philly, PA to near Detroit, MI, all by myself!

It was mostly because there was the perseid meteor shower and it was going to be stormy/cloudy out in PA and it looked like a clear weather forecast in MI.

So at 2pm I thought about it, and was gone by 4pm! Craziness.

Funniest part? I got in and some clouds had come in! But we did see a couple, and I’m about to head out right now because it’s more clear tonight and I think there will be a few. Keepin the fingers crossed!

I also went for a 6 mile run with my mother- I‘m exactly 100 days out from the Philly Half-Marathon! And I am happy with my training, even if it’s completely all over the place and not exactly following just one plan 🙂 That’s just how I am!

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