Trader Joe’s is Right that Righteous Rounds are Remarkable

I had seen these before without giving them a second thought, until one day while shopping at Trader Joe’s, I wanted something sweet to eat, and I thought I might like some chocolate chip cookies. I took a look at the information for these Righteous Rounds (nutritional information here), because they were on display, and seemed kind of expensive ($3.49 for an 8 oz. bag)(okay, expensive for Trader Joe’s, that is), and I wondered what was so special. I was intrigued to see some fruit and vegetable concentrates listed (apple, broccoli, carrot, cranberries, orange, tomatoes!) so I decided to try them.

I think, since then (which was probably a month ago), we’ve eaten like 5 bags. The first night we opened them, we finished them within an hour. I think it was part pig-out, part phenomenal cookie perplexities! We couldn’t believe how awesome they are.

The bag claims they “have never been heated to more than 75 degrees” though we don’t know how that’s possible if ingredients like butter are included. They are nice and crispy, so as one blogger put it: “Sorry soft chocolate chip cookie lovers- you won’t be too fond of these. These cookies are sweet though and very tasty. They are “hard”, but in a good way.” This health nut also described them well, and the health benefits they oddly have, like lycopene and added vitamins and minerals.

Sure, they’re not totally healthy for you, but as far as cookies go, they’re pretty great for you. And there’s nothing lacking in taste.

My best friend and her husband were in town and they eat healthily, though he values taste and won’t sacrifice it for tofu (ha), and I had them try them. She was hesitant at first, but then went for more (she says if she’s going to eat sugar, it’s going to be real sugary- like Dairy Queen). And I love his quote, he took on a more sugar-addicted population point of view:

“They taste kind of weird, but I find myself really wanting another one.”

Indeed, watch out for sharing a whole bag, which I don’t recommend (but have done), but these are a wonderful tasty and semi-healthy junk food snack. Pack a small bag for lunch, or portion some out in the evening for a crunchy, sweet, taste-bud-tantalizing delight.

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  1. RR Freak says:

    I also am addicted to these cookies since I have to restrict my saturated fat intake and these have zero!
    I just want to Trader Joe’s in my town, and freaked out when I didn’t see them on the shelf.
    I asked the manager and he looked them up in his system, and told me that they have been DISCONTINUED!!!
    I’m at my wits end.

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