mmm…buying stuff needlessly

i just had a nice battle with myself resisting making some online purchases. it all started harmlessly as i was cleaning up stuff and i went to get rid of a clothing tag i’d held onto. it was a great company- livity outernational, and i did purchase underwear from them that i love. their website is cool, but the order online seemed outdated. so i started looking elsewhere online to see if i could order/buy it somewhere else.

sure enough i found a bunch of cool sites with clothes made of hemp, bamboo, and other delicious stuff. i wanted it all.

to my credit, i was thinking of lots of gifts for my boyfriend, but it’s not his birthday for a while and i do not have the money right now. i also don’t have the money most of the time. i do have some credit card debt, and it’s a scary thing. a lot of my friends don’t even have credit cards (which is AWESOME), but i know a lot that do.

and i know a lot of people who have gone through debt, are in debt, and even people who’ve gone through bankruptcy. it’s a scary slope.

my debt started in college and since i was barely making any money it got worse and worse.

i think one of the reasons i didn’t make this order:
The Hempest *Men*Women *Body Care*Accessories* Bags / Wallets
your shopping cart
Remove Qty. Product(s) Total
Hemp/Soy/Organic Cotton Hooded Sweater(Marine)
– Size XS $68.00
Organic Hemp Halter Dress(Baby Blue)
– Size S $39.95
…et cetera…
Organic Girl-T (Resistance-detail)
– Size S $28.00
100% Hemp Gengy Button Down(Marine)
– Size L $59.95
Hemp Hiker Sock (mens natural)
– Size L $7.95
Livity Clutch (Black) $49.00
….et cetera….

Sub-Total: $493.59 (see, it was kind of a joke anyway)
is because i accidentally scheduled a student loan payment twice, and, due to other bills and horrible real-life things, it caused my one bank account to drop into the negative, thus causing fear and panic about a $39 NSF fee, and deep inside me i know that paying off debt (both credit, school, and bills) is a huge priority in my ability to move forward happily in life.

that said, it’s a big task. and i’m not making anywhere near what i’d like to be, even for the job i have.

people buy stuff all the time, we are a consumerist society, and it’s SICK how much advertising and media and BS goes into making people get so in debt and so over their heads.

my own debt scares me, especially my college loans, but i’m not too bad off because i do pay regularly and smartly most of the time (and i’m getting better) and i do have a good job. i also have a great work ethic and i keep my living expenses pretty low (besides my vice of eating out too much).

why did i share all this? (i’m scared to publish it) but not really scared. it’s important to be honest about your debt- that’s one of the steps, just like an alcoholic.

and spending is a terrible addiction.

sure, i’d love to have some nice organic, sustainable clothes. but first, i need to have a more sustainable lifestyle!

this has all been part of a boot-camp post and introspective sharing session, from a tiredtired brain.

at least i can go to bed happy i didn’t buy stuff i don’t really need!

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3 Responses to mmm…buying stuff needlessly

  1. j says:

    Check out Livity Outernational[Offical Page] on facebook. Cool videos. Also:

  2. amandoo says:

    i like that that guy gave me a link towards their stuff to buy. i do think i may buy a piece of clothing, maybe next month, with careful deliberation, and perhaps even after getting approval from a friend 🙂

  3. Bhealthier says:

    It is so difficult with what we want to do – with good intentions- such as buy more sustainable things yet we have insufficient funds to do so.

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