Already August! Boot camp?!

So I was thinking of doing a boot camp in August, and August is here and I didn’t finalize any plans. But I have goals. I want to work towards these goals every day in this month.

1) Prepare/plan for school – 4 hours a day to devote to planning, preparing, setting up classroom, looking through book, or putting up curriculum outline (project I have to do before school starts)

2) Limit overt sugars and excess carbohydrates– If I keep training well (which I haven’t been doing due to excuses, stormy weather, and a bit of knee pain) I know I’ll need to keep eating carbs, but sugar makes me WHACK. And when I eat a lot of HFCS and other crap, I feel bad (mentally and physically AND emotionally!) and it makes me really tired.

3) Better Sleep Schedule – being tired reminds me I’ve had a whack schedule all Summer and I would like to start moving towards earlier bed times. I say 2 am at the latest, and moving towards 1 am next week and so on. The goal would be 12am and that would be amazing. So before 2 for now is even a good stretch. (And getting up before 10am, which should be a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s not). 9 am is the goal. 1am-9am would be awesome!

4) Keep up with training – really get into the habit of doing my runs no matter what, as scheduled. This means starting to use the treadmill both at my boyfriend’s parents’ house and perhaps even the school gym as a last resort. I need to stay focused and stretch a lot!!!

5) Getting finances in order– I want to make a budget, and figure out payments for when the school year starts back up. Look at my debt and see where I can best put in any extra money. Another big part of this goal is cooking in more, which would help with number 2 by planning meals ahead and thinking them out.

These are the big areas, and it would involve a lot of lifestyle changes. At the same time, it’s definitely not too much. It’s a lot of little things in a bunch of different areas, but if I make some concrete sub-steps, I will be on my way to a truly enjoyable and productive rest of the Summer.

August Boot Camp starts….now.

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  1. amandoo says:

    this boot camp is a good idea. i have elaborated on some of the ideas, but do not have firm enough plans established. i am proud that i got to bed by 2ish on an evening night! that’s tough for me believe it or not. and i am VERY proud of myself for getting out and running today when i had plenty of ”valid” excuses not to 🙂

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