You Deserve It – The Beach

Something so wonderful about relaxing at the beach. And using responsible sunscreen (which I *almost* succeeded at doing). The sun was very strong.

It was so great reminiscing with cousins and family, taking my niece in the ocean for her first time (she’s 8, and we had quite a ride for her first time!)

Lots to say, been so busy, but I really am enjoying my Summer. And I deserve it. Yes, I need to earn a little more money, I did set up some catering, and I will pursue that, but I have to remember a couple of things.

Family is so important, right now, and always. And I got a good dose of them, and will get more as the week continues 🙂 In times like these, that is all that is important. Family, compassion, connection, and such.

I deserve vacations, relaxation, and enjoying doing very little during my Summer. It’s hard, but if I take care of the right things, and be aware, I definitely deserve things like a 2-day trip to the beach.

Good times. And I’m reading the book “Working on yourself doesn’t work”, which I will update the info on more later, as well as maybe getting a picture up here, but BOY AM I TIRED! It’s been a wild ride these past 5 days!

What do you deserve- have you been holding back? You definitely deserve peace and happiness. And maybe you deserve a beach trip too. Yum.

And I did run, and will be updating that more as well. Woowee goodnight!

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  1. Bhealthier says:

    Catering? I would love to know more about that! I haven’t thought about what I deserve specifically, but after reading this post, it makes me want to think about it more.

    You are right, you deserve vacation, relaxation and truly wonderful things for your life.

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