is a great online support group site

I joined two days ago when all I could do was cry about my Dad. I found it while doing a lot of searching on lung cancer and support groups. I joined it and a specific one for his type of cancer. It’s great! There are a lot of people on there with some success stories, and small steps of success. Way more inspiring than reading gloomy statistics on the web. And people are so supportive.

The cool thing about this site is you can choose a lot of health issues, or interests, and find like people. And there are a lot of them on there! I definitely recommend it, and like how it’s helped me feel better so far.

My Dad starts chemo in less than a week. Tomorrow I’m going to juice some veggies & fruits again. I’m looking for a better juicer on freecycle.

I also went running, and am doing my best to really get into training mode for the Philly half-marathon. You can read about my training journey here!

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  1. Bhealthier says:

    I have been keeping Garry in my thoughts and prayers. It looks like your training has been going well too! I enjoyed the photos and recaps of each run. Very cool.

  2. Amandoo says:

    Thanks Laural. I will put an update about him up soon, he’s doing alright, and I am all about positivity, and more juicing!!! I got grapes and may even do some tomatoes!

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