On Jimmy Fallon, “Let Us Play With Your Look” w/ Will Ferrell = too hilarious

Unfortunately NBC reigns over not allowing any video clips of their stuff on youtube, so I have to refer you to their site, but it is WELL WORTH IT:

Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell – Let Us Play With Your Look

Maybe my favorite skit EVER.

Highlights include:

1) Costumes. The disgustingly fitted white suits and the grotesque hairpieces that make you somehow swoon. (See below)

2) Jimmy Fallon’s Singing. It’s incessant, it doesn’t stop, and it jumps up and up, kinda key changes, builds in intensity, and wonder. Starting at about 1:30 in (~1:26 on their countdown), it gets better and better until the shocking end. His dancing ain’t bad either.

3) Will Ferrell’s Professional Hilarity. I especially adore the face he makes around 1:37 in (~1:19 on their countdown). He’s completely straight-faced up until this point, and then he lets out this impossible-to-describe pleasant grimace of sorts. It’s like the face of knowing you’re doing a good job because of all your hard-earned work-awesomeness. It’s worth a million watches.

4) The Guest’s Attitude and Laughter. She took it wonderfully. She laughed (if nervously), smiled, and let her hair get all piled and wiled.

5) The Uncertain Ending. (the last 45 seconds) SPOILER ALERT! From Jimmy fainting, to Will Ferrell still being awesome to the last drop- carefully placing the brush, and then running away, and getting caught up in the curtain for a moment, to the guest sitting on the stage, waiting and unknowing, it’s perfect. Unlike that run-on sentence, this skit could run on and on forever and I hope that it goes down in history as something unforgettable. (Unforgettably funny, people! We have to have some things like that!!!)

Jimmy Fallon “Let Us Play With Your Look”

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3 Responses to On Jimmy Fallon, “Let Us Play With Your Look” w/ Will Ferrell = too hilarious

  1. Kurt says:

    I’d like to see Mike Myers in the next “Let Us Play With Your Look”?

  2. Kurt says:

    …. With Richard Simmons!

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