Mary’s Gone Crackers STICKS & TWIGS Snack is the Best Thing Since Pretzels

Organic Mary’s Gone Crackers Sticks and Twigs snack is out of control awesome. I mean, I’m blogging at 1:40 am directly after eating them for the first time, and I could not resist spreading the good word.

amandoo holding sticks & twigs


-whole grain

AND they’re made of amazing yummy good-for-you ingredients like:

-brown rice
-flax seed

and more! and more importantly, they’re actually delicious!!!

yes that’s right. delicious.

I had the sea salt flavor and listen to these nutritional facts:

For 15 sticks it’s 150 calories , 5g fat , 4g fiber! , and 4g protein – No Sugar!

Whoops, I was test-tasting them and I probably had like 2 servings 🙂
So, you could eat too many of them, but probably they’ll be just right for many people looking for a crunchy yummy snack taste that’s sort of (looks) like a pretzel that tastes sort of like a cracker.

Highly recommended!

mary's gone crackers sticks and twigs snack

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