B.E.P. Boom Boom Pow = unfortunately catchy

[youtube WVW1uyiFE7E]
(This is a fast version (without the music video to hopefully get you through it painlessly?))

This song is unfortunately catchy. “Unfortunately” because it’s the Black-Eyed-Peas and they’re not singing about much of anything worthwhile. However, they’ve got these lyrics: “I’m so 3008 / You so 2000 and late” which could make a great insult. The beat is bumping (which they also mention). They effectively sing-rap about “boom-boom-pow” which is their beat-sound. And it’s good. It has bumpin’ bass, vocoder, JT-esque segments, fadeins&outs, and boomin in general. I have to approve no matter how much I try to not. The video’s just future-scary, but overall it’s a decent mindless dance song. Good for working out?

(99 words including made up combos)

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