Make Your Own Bags of Ice

Sure, I bet you have an ice-maker in your fridge. Well not everyone is as lucky. If you’re like us, as hot Summer days approach, you’ll like more icy beverages, be they of the adult variety, or not. Ice is also good for shakes, blended beverages, and other smoothies.

Make bags of ice.

It’s simple, really. Have your one or two ice trays, or you can steal ice from a nearby grandparent or other family member (who has an ice-maker), and combine ice gradually into bags. You can even use an old ice bag you bought at the store, or a gallon ziplock bag.

It takes a little effort, sure, but it could save you like 22 dollars by the end of the Summer. 🙂

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  1. bhealthier says:

    hahaha. I do not have an ice maker. Okay correction, the previous owners to our fridge put coffee grounds in the ice maker box inside the fridge. Coffee Grounds now continually come out of the ice maker so we shut it off.

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