swine flu thoughts and ron paul’s still hot!

by hot i mean he’s AWESOME!

watch him say what i think both a) better than i could say it and b) he’s smarter and gave me some good thoughts about it

[youtube TB5-Y08qbjo]

i think it is a serious thing that people are getting sick, and it’s sad to hear, i hope it stops spreading. however, more people died from avian flu, and “flu” kills a ton of people each year (if i gave a statistic its downfall would be that it is a statistic).

makes me wonder what we’re being distracted from elsewhere

ok. we’re having a great time. a wonderful time. i’m lovin it. here’s a little bit more about what i’m lovin:

TBA. sorry. i’m not at my casa de having-things-to-use-as-resources

bear with me. i will not bare all just yet.

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