the human body is a wonderful thing. i thought i’d be rather injured from my walk/trip/log-attack, but i was well enough to go for a 10,000 step walk yesterday. i got about 13,000 for the day. anyone else out there wear and love a pedometer? i get so upset if i ever lose mine.

i’ve had a lot of other small things go wrong with my body this year, i think it’s due to A) getting older and B) all the stress from teaching. it’s so hard not to stress, and tis hard to eat right.

eating well greatly increases your recovery rate. i just know it. mark and i cooked up some brussel sprouts last night. and ate them.


no butter, no extra salt besides what we added to the water.

it was pretty gross. but i’m not going to lie, i was kind of depressed, so i thought i’d suffer a little more by eating forkfuls of brussel sprouts.

will i recover from this small bout of depression? that’s a matter a little too personal for me to discuss at this juncture. there are some great things going on in my life, and i am in fact thankful to have a full-time job with benefits, but. but…it’s rough.

so i say, recovery is obviously very varied depending on what we’re talking about. you can fully recover from an injury, but you still have to be careful with that area. you are continually “recovering” from being an addict and will have to battle for life (sometimes easier than other times, usually easier said than done).

and i think the recovery of your soul and well-being is a lifelong process.

i had to search for this, and i don’t know who kinky friedman is, but i agree with him:

“A happy childhood… is the worst possible preparation for life.”

i was looking for the quote about recovering for the rest of your life from your young childhood traumas. i love how i can ramble on and on, from talking about a simple, small injury, to touching on heavy subjects such as alcohol or drug addictions and childhood trauma.


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