11-mile local man and woman walk ends in injury due partially to stupidity

m and i went on a really long walk. since i got injured, i’ll be able to upload some photos (need to do more of that for this long walk post) and tell some good sticky-“tic”-y temp. ‘o! times!!

(does “sticky-“tic”-y temp. ‘o!” remind anyone else of the “ricky-ticky-tembo-no-sarembo-etcetera story?!)

amandoo with a pig nose

well, at least i have a nice car to transport my injured self in.

it wasn’t totally due to stupidity, the other part was the fault of the stick- that was attacking me!

mrak and amandoo sitting near tanamend park

that’s us near tanamend park. here is mrak at the churchville train station:

mrak at churchville train station

we didn’t think it was in use, but someone brought a cat out of there. we’re not sure if it’s a vet, or if someone lives there?! after about 10 miles, we made it to the Churchville Reservoir!

mrak and amandoo make it to churchville reservoir

and boy were we tired. i was complaining. and then, boom, stick-hit:

amandoo gets injured on long walk

it’s way worse than it looks, oh the bruising and complaining! not gonna lie, it was partially my fault 🙂 oh well!

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One Response to 11-mile local man and woman walk ends in injury due partially to stupidity

  1. bhealthier says:

    oh no! that looks hurty.
    glad you are recovering nicely. you will attend my wedding, no? I like ending my statements with negative affirmation.

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