House Fire in Jenkintown, PA – People Gawkin’ All Day! (04/05/09)

So there I was, hanging out at my house which may or may not be in Jenkintown, and suddenly I smell something weird. And I go outside and look and it smells worse, and I see smoke.

House on fire, at the corner of Greenwood and Walnut St. Let the gawking begin!

fire in jenkintown, pa

People started flocking outside and don’t worry, I got pictures of them too, I just have to go get my wire and upload the pics in a few hours, but first I wanted to write about it to get it up there.

Now we’re chillin’ in the afterglo and enjoying the rest of the nice day outside – now that there aren’t billowing clouds of smoke and some ash!

It was pretty awesome, and yes I admit to being one of the worst perpetrators of gawking.

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One Response to House Fire in Jenkintown, PA – People Gawkin’ All Day! (04/05/09)

  1. bhealthier says:

    did anyone look burnt or dead?

    yes that was a TGS reference, I am so inappropriate, but seriously is everyone alright?! I hope so.

    Thanks for the congrats lady friend!!! WEEEE I am getting married! totally not reality yet.

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