New-Age Holistic vs. My Healthy Holistic Habberdash-theories

Went to a health fair this weekend and got sucked into doing an Ion Cleanse foot bath detox. A friend and I were convinced by watching the colors change for two people we knew and them saying it seemed on par with their lifestyle habits. The colors were different, so it couldn’t be a hoax, right?!

Eh, not so much. I felt a little better afterwards, and I think the lady genuinely believed in it (she was very sincere and kind, perhaps more deluded than deceitful). It seems that it’s more of a rust-bath and the positive effects are placebo. Could have to do with getting a nice warm foot bath (…in……rust……ewww!).

Another thing I’ve been looking into is getting my silver (mercury) fillings taken out and replaced. I’m reading up on this and it’s all because of a documentary (must get name of/remember)…I totally believe it’s an industry for dentists. And most probably do think it’s “safe” because the metals bond together, but there is mercury vapor released all the time. And unfortunately amalgum removal is not a guaranteed safe thing.

Here is an example of a natural dentist’s (from FL) safety procedures: Amalgam removal procedures

Here is one of many sites I found about different evidence saying it’s bad for you and information about a dentist named Hal Higgins who researched and wrote on it extensively.

I’m looking into various dentists in the greater area of Philadelphia, and I’ve found a few. I need to research more, ask them about their protocol (and costs). It’s expensive, but it is so worth it:

1) Who knows what might improve in my well-being
2) Who knows what I could prevent from happening in the future!
3) Peace of mind. I’ve been at unrest since I recently really started thinking about it

I also gave up antiperspirant several years back now. I am writing this post because I’ve been anxious all evening thinking about my mercury mouth and breast cancer as well. I definitely think aluminum in your pores is a bad idea. And it’s not just deodorant/antiperspirant and excessive shaving that could be the problem, it’s excessive (and tight) bra-wearing that could be a factor!

Here is a long article on the possibility of antiperspirant being a cause for cancer.

Do your own research people. Women especially. Think about how much more cancer there is in the Western world. Older women of middle-class and higher incomes are more likely to get breast cancer. Could it be that they wear restrictive bras all the time? Stressed out? Older age of first child (or no breast-feeding?!)

This is a whole lot for one post. But it’s what I’m thinking about a lot (and I’m acting on it for me personally- I have an aunt who died of breast cancer). Don’t get your panties (or bras rather) all up in a bunch, but think about it! Of course diet, exercise, and stress management are huge parts too. They’re what a good, long life is all about.

So in conclusion, from my personal point of view, not every holistic / new-age practice is valid (ie the footbath and the psychic (ha!) I went to), but not every mainstream scientific method is either! Eh?!

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