mmm…Body, Mind, Soul blog does a reader gooood!

I recently watched about half of a documentary on cancer, food choice, and even how dental health (think mercury in fillings) has majorly been and still is effecting Americans (as well as other humans, but Americans are the piggiest in my opinion). Though I haven’t finished the documentary, (due to getting distressed about my silver fillings, among the other gruesome images contained within), a main point came across again to me loud and clear: that eating healthily is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. And getting holistic and embracing food as your life source.

And, I’ve recently been greatly enjoying my friend’s blog “Body, Mind, Soul” which is by far the most advanced blog I’ve seen of any of my friends (its aim is to share her journey of working to “Be Healthier in Every Aspect of Life” and I think the accomplishments in this blog/in her life are worth noticing). I wouldn’t have imagined someone I used to eat gingerbread men cookies while lying on the floor late at night in college would come up with all that. I think it’s the food she’s eating, and the way she’s taking care of her whole self, that fuel her energetic and creative abilities to lead such an admirable life and to document it so well.

I give her mad props for photographing almost all of her food intake in any given day, and for keeping up with eating so healthily (not to mention she does it with a modest budget in mind, and eats meat here and there (which I’m a big fan of when accompanied by veggies and such)). And I love her point in the “about this blog”: “I try to nourish myself with what I need, be it carrots or carrot cake, hugs and laughter, yoga or aerobics, wine or water. I try to never attach ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in terms of food.” She has a good attitude about food/cooking/shopping for it, and working on caring for her mind and soul seems to be helping her keep a well-rounded integrity and dedication to health.

I’m trying to sound more eloquent than usual, thinking of my recent lack of quality posts. And, my struggles with eating healthily. It’s not really a struggle at all when I get in the habit. I LOVE KALE! I will eat a plate filled with vegetables and some tofu or whole-wheat noodles and feel more than satiated. But it’s the excuses about cooking, shopping, and the time it takes to make food at all 🙂 . Not to mention, if I’m eating too much sugar and processed foods, my taste buds forget what quality food is.

In short- check out this blog. It’s got a lot of great information (she’s taking nutrition courses), food ideas with tasty visuals, and touching tidbits from her personal life that inspire you to maybe make some changes of your own. The writer is a gem of a human, and I feel a renewed sense of connection with her based on just a few of the entries in her blog. I’m proud too. Way to go, Laural!

Read about her Body Mind Soul blog now!

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  1. bhealthier says:

    oh my goodness. I never imagined you would write a post about me or my blog and I certainly never imagined that you would write something so incredibly eloquent and flattering about me. I am not going to lie, I teared up at this. I remember those gingerbread men cookie nights and the chinese food sex in the city rentals too. I can’t believe your blog! It is amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such sincere and kind words about me. I love that you enjoy my blog!

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